We're keen to introduce ourselves to you

We are Van Omme & De Groot, a Rotterdam-based project development and construction firm. We develop and build. We renovate and carry out maintenance work. Non-residential construction. Project-based residential construction. Urban centres.  Now it's true that there are other companies in this line of business. So what makes us so special? First of all, we're one of the few remaining family businesses in the construction industry. But this still doesn't explain the fact that we've been doing what we do for over 90 years now. Successfully. What is the secret of our success? 

Less talk, more action

Hard graft is in our blood. Less talk, more action. Words inextricably associated with the Rotterdam mentality. With a bit of good fortune thrown into the mix. After all, anyone wanting to be the champion needs a bit of luck. You can coax it to an extent, but there's an element of it needing to come your way of its own accord. 


Bringing it your way is not something that clients do just like that. It goes without saying that we have to be supplying quality in the first place. But it's also about being committed. And we are. To the work and to our client. As well as to the business and to our colleagues. We employ well-trained, talented young people as well as seasoned experts who have been giving their all to the company for years. Some of them for decades. 

Putting our foot down

Being direct. Another one of our traits. We say it the way it is, and put our foot down if need be. That way everyone knows where they stand. Clear as can be. We like it that way. The same with keeping the communication lines straightforward. With you the client, with our suppliers, and also internally among colleagues. Our door is always open.

Passion for our subject

Our people are passionate about their subject. Logical, you might say. But at Van Omme & De Groot we're properly addicted. “The excitement, getting absorbed in creating businesses and buildings. The game, the adrenaline, these are fantastic things. It's like a competition. When you're the first one over the finish line, it's a great feeling”, says Director Guus de Groot.

A lot of responsibility for young pups

Hierarchy doesn't feature in our dictionary. We give young people plenty of responsibility and a wide-ranging package of tasks. We throw them in at the deep end. If they need support, then they can approach one of the firm's old hands. They're allowed to make mistakes. That's the only way to improve. Though obviously never at the expense of your project. 

Financially sound 

Last but not least: our financial housekeeping. In this regard we are a healthy company. We don't fritter away money on nice-to-haves, just on things that are genuinely necessary. We own buildings, materials and vehicles. No renting or leasing. This has given us solid financial foundations. For nigh on a century. 

In short, we're a sound, committed, financially healthy organization with loyal, experienced employees who all share one great love: construction. We're willing. And able. Let's do it! 

How do we do all this? Read more about our way of working. 

Our way of working: straightforward lines of communication and tight processes 

Keeping things simple. That's something we really like to do at Van Omme & De Groot. And so our lines of communication are straightforward, with you the customer, internally and with the parties with whom we cooperate. We prefer to have as few organizational layers as possible. Enabling us to think on our feet, keep the process tight and turnaround time short (or make it even shorter). Our vision is entirely in keeping with the principle of lean building, a new way of working. In our view this is more than a trend; it is a process we have full faith in. 

Lean building in practice

How does it work in practice? Whenever we set to work on a project, we select a subcontractor and/or supplier for each discipline from our permanent database. In other words, we don't need to get involved in endless tenders; instead we decide in advance on a suitable party to work with for each discipline. All these parties are involved in the project from the outset and meet regularly to discuss matters, to plan, fine-tune and harmonize the work. This way we prevent duplicate work and costs of failure, and we ensure that lead time is made shorter and quality is made better. Thereby improving the speed and outcome of your project. 

Everything in one model: BIM

Whereas in the past it was still the case that each discipline had its own programme and worked with its own drawings, nowadays we integrate our work. To this end we use a handy working methodology: BIM, or Building Information Model. This is a three-dimensional building model incorporating all data pertaining to the design, construction and management process. Each party processes his own information therein. And all parties involved are immediately notified of any choice or change made. This enables us to harmonize work and keep a close eye on quality and costs. 

Accessible and approachable

Once at work on the building site it goes without saying that an awful lot of things can change. After all, things can be unruly in practice. Due to the fact that we believe hands-on experience is the best way to learn, our people are given a great deal of freedom when it comes to working on the building site. And responsibility. If there are any questions or issues, then they are always accessible and approachable. They don't just serve our interests but yours as well. Straight away, without having to work their way through a lot of red tape. It is this responsibility, which each of us has in our DNA, that constitutes our strength.

Internal materials service

Van Omme & De Groot has its own materials service.  Enabling us to provide supplies for our projects at all times. Handy, quick and efficient. And therefore entirely in keeping with our direct way of working. 

Further information?

Keen on finding out more about our way of working or about lean building in general? Then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to tell you more. 

Wij willen. Wij kunnen. Wij doen.
Sinds 1922